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Get to know Ann Arbor Farm & Garden!

We’re a welcoming, active group of learners, doers, explorers, and leaders,

passionate about sharing and promoting the many benefits of gardens and gardening with each other and our community.

We raise money for annual grants and scholarships, expand our gardening and environmental knowledge,

and share beauty with others through garden tours and flower therapy. In the process, we create strong social connections and lifelong friendships.

Flowers – Friends – Food – Gardens – Giving

AAF&G members enjoy them all. Join us!

Application deadline extended to December 15 for AAF&G grants & scholarships

Calling all Washtenaw County nonprofits! Do you have a garden- or farm-related project that needs funding? Are you involved in a school or community garden program that could use financial support? Ann Arbor Farm & Garden is now accepting applications for our annual grant and scholarship awards. The deadline has been extended to December 15. Don't miss out!

It's easy to apply. Download the appropriate application form below. The forms contain full instructions and guidance on criteria. (You will need to select "Enable Editing" when opening the document.) Please direct any questions to Ann Ringia, Foundation Chair, at



Since 1947, Ann Arbor Farm & Garden has raised and distributed more than $660,000 to support local gardens, farms, education, and community beautification. Proceeds from our annual June Garden Walk, online auctions, public presentations, and donations are the source of Foundation funds. Thank you, members and supporters, for helping us fulfill our mission of growing a greener community!

Waterworks Park Fall Celebration

Waterworks Park: Our New Civic Venture


We had a great first year as the adopters of Waterworks Park!


AAF&G chose this park in the Old West Side to demonstrate our interest in civic projects. Civic projects increase our visibility within the city, and working on civic projects reignites our history of doing public projects.


Located between 7th and 8th streets and Liberty and Huron, Waterworks Park was created after Allen Creek was put underground in concrete culverts. Allen Creek still runs under the park. The land has a rich history reaching back to indigenous peoples who grew poppies along the creek banks. With no trace of Allen Creek left, now it is a 1.5-acre green space with a sloping lawn dotted with several trees and a path that runs through the center. There are three planting beds and a play structure for children.

Farm & Garden adopted the park from the City of Ann Arbor Parks Department. Our mission is to improve the park with new plantings and maintenance, educate neighbors about the park’s history and educate visitors about native plantings. The plan is for the neighbors to set up a “Friends of the Park” group, who will help with maintenance and who, in turn, will “adopt” the park from us.


Another primary goal is to give Ann Arbor Farm & Garden more visibility, more exposure. Very few people have heard about us and all the wonderful work we do in our community.


In June, we hosted a Neighborhood Get Together to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood. We offered children’s activities, treats, games, music, rock painting, and flower planting. The neighborhood was enthusiastic. Many people came out and participated and learned about our organization. The children enjoyed the rock painting and left their artistic expressions in the garden beds. We did a survey to discover what the neighbors think about the park. We found out their biggest concern was providing shade for the play structure. They spoke and we listened!


On October 7, we hosted a second Neighborhood Get Together to celebrate the planting of four new trees to shade the play structure. Farm & Garden donated $2,000 to jump start the purchase and installation of four large trees, and the City contributed enough money to buy and install large trees. Big red bows decorated the new dogwood, two pin oaks, and tulip tree. The residents were thrilled! We provided cider and donuts, pumpkin painting, pine cone bird feeder making and lawn games to celebrate the new tree plantings. See the slideshow to the left for highlights! Again, we had a good turnout of people despite the weather. We are keeping the trees watered until the ground freezes.


If you would like to be involved with this project, please join us! We have a committee of about 10 energetic members who help with monthly maintenance and organizing events with the neighbors. It has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. It feels good to be directly involved in improving a city park and working with the residents of Ann Arbor.  Cindy Fink

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Upcoming Events
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Be eco-friendly this fall -- it's easy with these tips

Whether we're tending a traditional urban yard, an expansive garden, or a rural property, we all have a role to play as good environmental stewards. Creating and maintaining habitats for our bird, frog, bee, butterfly and insect friends has never been more critical. Happily, there are some easy ways to simplify your fall garden chores AND do your part to support the creatures who help support us.

Leave the leaves! (and the perennials)
Leaf litter is an incubator for a host of insects, frogs and toads, and other wildlife. Native bees nest in hollow stems of perennials, and butterflies overwinter on a variety of garden plants. Birds feast on the seed heads of coneflowers, sunflowers, liatris and more.

Check out the Xerces Society's "Leave the Leaves" campaign site for extensive information and great resources, including cool signs you can download and display to neighbors and passersby.

Plant bulbs for next Spring's pollinators
Early-blooming bulbs provide critical nectar for bees. Daffodils, alliums, crocus and hyacinths are great choices. (Tulips are lovely, but irresistible to deer.)

MSU Extension has a wealth of information on spring-flowering bulbs here.

Plant Michigan native shrubs and trees

Their flowers, fruits and foliage are important to a wide range of insects, birds, and mammals, and they'll add beauty to your landscape. Fall is an excellent time to plant!

Discover the best of our natives with these guides from MSU Extension and Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation.


Fall Migration is Underway -- Help Make it Safe

As the days shorten, many of the birds we've enjoyed throughout the summer are making their way to wintering grounds far away. You can find out who's flying over your area at night with BirdCast, a project of The Cornell Lab, Colorado State University, and UMass Amherst. When, where, and how far will birds migrate? How many birds passed last night? BirdCast tools allow you to explore the answers to these and many other questions about bird migration.

Learn how you can contribute to a safe migration season with this Safe Passage Great Lakes information from Michigan Audubon. Turning off lights, marking windows, and keeping cats indoors are relatively simple ways to help the birds.

Should you find an injured bird, contact the Bird Center of Michigan. This Saline-based nonprofit takes in more than 1800 birds each year of more than 85 species and is open 365 days a year to care for wild birds in need. They are an excellent resource and provide critical care for our feathered friends.




Flower Therapy

Ann Arbor Farm & Garden is a social and philanthropic 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Our mission is to promote and support local gardens, farms, and environmental stewardship through education, community service, and financial grants and scholarships.

Founded Fall 1946 / Incorporated Spring 1997 / Independent Spring 2017

P.O. Box 354

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